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Saturday, 29 August 2009

USB to I2C Adapter

..Model JI-300
USB to I2C Adapter

Programmable SCL clock frequency from 255Hz to 3.8Mhz (20nS steps)
Variable bus voltage from 1.50V to 5.25V (10mV steps)
Supports Master and multi-Master operation
Software selectable bus pull-up resistors (16 values including open)
USB 2.0 host interface
Switched target bus voltage at connector

Low I2C bus capacitance (<40pf href="http://www.jupiteri.com/index.html">Jupiter Instruments www.jupiteri.com
Updated on 7/13/09

The JI-300 is a versatile, easy to use, PC hosted adapter used to drive I2C communications
to/from a target bus. The desktop unit can be configured to interface a variety of I2C
networks. Bus parameters such as clock frequency, duty-cycle, setup and hold times, bus
voltage, and pull-up resistor values can be varied. JI-300’s diagnostic features including
“excessive clock-stretch”, “bus-not-free”, and “bus contention” monitoring, as well as status
reporting at the conclusion of each message transaction simplifies I2C trouble-shooting. A
Windows software application manages the setup and control of the instrument.
Communications and unit power is provided via a USB 2.0 connection.visit:www.jupiteri.com.